Deb Matthews
"I am thrilled that Karim Bardeesy has decided to run for the Ontario Liberal nomination in Parkdale—High Park. In all my years of know Karim he has demonstrated a strong desire to improve the lives of Ontarians. He is a compassionate, intelligent, and hard-working individual who will make a real difference for his community. I am proud to support his campaign."

- Deb Matthews, Former Deputy Premier of Ontario

Catherine McKenna
“I’m proud to endorse Karim Bardeesy as the Ontario Liberal candidate in Parkdale—High Park. Karim has a proven record of championing bold climate policies like phasing out coal. Ontario needs a government that will win the fight against climate change, and we need to elect Karim – a knowledgeable, passionate advocate – to get us there.”

- Catherine McKenna, Former Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Charles Sousa
"I had the pleasure of working closely with Karim Bardeesy for many years and witnessed first hand his passion and dedication to help others. He is very thoughtful, hardworking and smart. He’s genuinely constructive and will make a positive difference for the community. I am pleased to wholeheartedly support Karim!"

- Charles Sousa, Former Ontario Minister of Finance

James Janeiro
"Karim would make an outstanding Liberal candidate and MPP for Parkdale—High Park. I’ve known Karim for over a decade as a friend, boss, mentor, and professor. His unique, combination of hard-nosed fighter for his values, brilliant policy and strategic mind, and fundamentally kind nature makes him an ideal choice. PHP is vibrant, diverse, and progressive, and Karim embodies all of these features to his core. I’m proud to support his campaign and will do everything I can to make him the next Member of Provincial Parliament for Parkdale—High Park."

- James Janeiro, Former President of the Parkdale—High Park Provincial Liberal Association

Katherine Mitchell
"Karim has extensive experience in the politics of provincial government. He has helped develop policy for several ministers and in the office of Premier Kathleen Wynne. Karim’s strong commitment to prioritizing investments in healthcare, education, and social services is what Ontario needs. He is a kind and reasoned candidate and we would be fortunate to have him represent us."

- Katherine Mitchell, Former President of the Parkdale—High Park Provincial Liberal Association

Yasir Naqvi
“I have had the great honour of working with Karim Bardeesy. He is bright, thoughtful, and determined. But, most importantly, he believes that governments are there to serve and help people through good public policy and decisions. I have no doubt that he will be a hard-working MPP for Parkdale—High Park. Please vote for him.”

- Yasir Naqvi, MP for Ottawa Centre, Former Ontario Attorney General

John McKenna
"I’m so glad that Karim has decided to seek the nomination in Parkdale—High Park. Through his professional work, I have seen his dedication to public service. Through his efforts during this campaign, calling and canvassing every corner of the riding, I know that we have a fighter. We need a strong local voice for Parkdale—High Park and Karim is ready."

- John McKenna, Parkdale—High Park Liberal

Vamika Jain
“Karim has the phenomenal ability to recognize potential, to transform this potential into capacity, and to activate that capacity into action. Having witnessed first-hand as a young person and student leader, I wholeheartedly support his campaign to represent Parkdale—High Park as MPP. Karim is certainly a highly-skilled strategic mind and effective policy leader. Most importantly, however, he listens closely and understands deeply the challenges facing our communities. We need people who can combine both leadership and empath to create effective change in Queen’s Park, and I am confident that Karim is the candidate to do so.”

- Vamika Jain, Parkdale—High Park Liberal

Maklane Dewever
"Karim was the best professor I had in university. He inspired me and many of my peers to get involved and care about politics by helping us realize that our voices matter. His ability to connect with others combined with his capacity to dream big and execute is what we need in an MPP. As a resident of Parkdale—High Park I strongly believe we need Karim elected to get the progressive politics our riding supports implemented. I am thrilled to support his candidacy."

- Maklane Dewever, Former President, Ryerson Students’ Union

Angie Darshanie Budhwa
"Bad things happen when good people do nothing—that is why it is wonderful to see someone as keen and kind as Karim seek the nomination. Having had the pleasure to be in proximity to Karim and learn from him when I was a student at Ryerson University, I wholeheartedly endorse him. We need caring and passionate people in public office to champion smart policy for our communities, and I cannot think of a better candidate than Karim Bardeesy to represent the voices of Parkdale—High Park."

- Angie Darshanie Budhwa, Former Student

Christine Ung
"Karim has changed the lives of many—myself included. He see you for who you are, and empowers you to meet your potential. Karim has shown me and many students alike that the government is not an ambiguous entity in a far-away land. In reality, it is made up of individuals and a collective community that we elect, have power through and must put in work for on the ground. It will be exciting to see Karim have the same positive impact in the community as an MPP. "

- Christine Ung, Former Student