Frequently Asked Questions

When is the nomination meeting?

The meeting to select your Ontario Liberal candidate is online or by phone on Saturday, December 11

To vote you need to do two things: 

  1. Send a scan or photo of your identification by Sunday, November 28 at 5pm to [email protected]
    A driver's license alone is acceptable identification. Otherwise, you can use any other piece of identification with your photo and a document (like a phone bill) with your name and address. These documents are not retained. They will be deleted after your identity is verified.
  2. Receive an email with a PIN number and instructions about how to vote. Vote for Karim Bardeesy between 11am and 8pm on Saturday, December 11. Learn more...
I can’t vote, I am not a citizen.

To help choose Karim, you do not have to be a citizen or even a Permanent Resident. You just have to live in the neighbourhood and be over 14 years of age.

How much does it cost to support Karim?

Voting for Karim is absolutely free. No charge.

How else can I help?

A campaign is a fun team project. Any time you can spare to help Karim is well spent and appreciated - door canvassing, phone calls, hosting an event for your neighbours. Sign up to volunteer today.

I am a Liberal voter, so don’t worry, you can count on my vote in the election.

We are so glad to hear that. Right now we are in the nomination stage, which means the Liberal Party is choosing who the candidate in our riding will be. In order to support Karim, we need to register you to vote in the nomination meeting.

Why do I need to join the party? / I’m reluctant to become a member of a political party.

In order to have your voice heard and to have a say in who the next Ontario Liberal Party candidate in Parkdale-High Park is, you’ll need to register to vote. If we want a progressive leader and Karim as the next Ontario Liberal candidate in the provincial election, you’ll need to register to vote.

Will anyone find out I’ve joined the Ontario Liberal Party?

The party will share your membership information with the other nomination candidates. Your information will not be shared publicly.

Karim seems like he is a good candidate. Can I support him in the nomination even if I am an NDP /Green / Conservative voter?

Even though registering with the Ontario Liberal Party is required to support Karim in the nomination, being a member of the party does not mean you must vote Liberal in any election.

Why should we nominate Karim only to run against such a popular incumbent?

The people of Parkdale-High Park deserve to be able to choose between strong candidates across all parties.

Who else is running for the nomination in Parkdale-High Park?

There are three other people running in the nomination race; Ali Momen, Kimberley Wakefield and Diana Alpeza.

Karim has 15 years of experience in the Ontario Liberal Party, and is running an inclusive, optimistic campaign for the nomination, inviting us in to build a stronger democracy by registering to vote.