Why Karim Is Running

Karim Bardeesy

Karim is running because we have urgent work to do — to repair the damage and deal with the challenges that the pandemic has revealed. He has seen, through the eyes of his students and fellow Parkdale-High Park parents, how Doug Ford’s government let us down in this pandemic.

We can't do this urgent work alone. It requires better representation, and a change of government. Karim is running to build work with the community, and tackle challenges that are motivating him, including:

  • An economy and an education system that respond to our needs and the needs of parents, that give people at all ages and stages the chance to grow their careers and work with dignity, where you don’t need to be well-connected or already-wealthy to succeed

  • The existential challenge of a warming climate, not out of a sense of doom but because of the achievement we will feel when we succeed — and because of the good jobs that our kids will get, and the good health and natural spaces we will continue to enjoy

  • Neighbourhoods that can, if we work as one community, be safe, affordable and welcoming, instead of pricing out everyone except those who already have a house

  • Reconciliation and racial justice, which if we face head-on, with an open mind and a willingness to change, will make us a stronger community

  • Our health care system so that it works for families, and so that we are ready for the fourth wave of the pandemic

Karim has 15 years of experience in the Ontario Liberal Party, and is running an inclusive, optimistic campaign, inviting us in to build a stronger democracy by voting for Karim.